Where to buy alfajores in Australia

🍪 Where to buy alfajores Havanna, dulce de leche, yerba and Argentine products in Melbourne, Sydney and rest of Australia 🧉

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In recent years, more and more Argentine people decide to live in Australia. Although the last census, carried out in 2011, indicated that there were 12,000 Argentines living in the cities of Melbourne and Sydney, currently the number is likely to exceed 20,000, since the Australian embassy in Argentina issues 1,500 visas a year . And although the country of Oceania offers a better quality of life, it was missing something fundamental, which Argentine people miss: alfajores, yerba and dulce de leche. Until today! In this post we’ll tell you where you can buy alfajores, dulce de leche, yerba and Argentine products in Melbourne, Sydney and rest of Australia 🧉

Buy alfajores Havanna in Australia

Alfajores are the most coveted sweet in Argentina. They are similar to a cookie sandwich filled with dulce de leche, but their flavor is unbeatable. Check it. In this site you can buy alfajores in Australia. Pampa Direct offers alfajores coming directly from Argentina. The best part is that the number of brands is huge: you can find Havanna, Cachafaz, Guaymallen, Jorgito, Fantoche, Aguila, Milka and many more. It’s really amazing.

Buy dulce de leche in Australia

This sweet is made from cooked milk. Although it resembles the confiture du lait of France or the milk caramel of the United States, no company around the world prepares it like Argentine companies. Fortunately, at Pampa Direct you can buy Argentine dulce de leche from the best brands: La Serenisima, San Ignacio and Vacalin, among others. Are you drooling already?

Buy yerba mate in Australia

Mate is one of the strangest concoctions in the world, we know it. With a strong flavor and greenish color, it arouses the suspicions of foreigners. However, Argentine people love him and we cannot live without him. That is the reason why Pampa Direct brings you the best yerba from Argentina to your home in Australia. Taragüi, Rosamonte and Playadito, among others. Put the kettle on!

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